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Ultra-Span Ghana Limited is licensed by MiTek South Africa to produce pre-fabricated light gauge steel roof truss that is both light Weight and compact for economical transportation costs. At Ultra-Span Ghana we build and produce trusses that shapes and holds buildings for a long considerable number of years.

Building Long-lasting & Innovating Structures

Each Ultra-Span roofing truss is designed to take advantage of the greatest strength per pound of any CFS available. Our applied technology adds and brings ease of construction

With Ultra-Span light gauge steel roof truss your building will be stronger, last longer and enjoy greater resiliency for the duration of its existence

We select materials and suppliers that we know will deliver the best value within the target budget, that will be easily installed and maintained over time. We have a long list of reliable suppliers both locally and internationally.

Ultra-Span Ghana your local MiTek licensed fabricator can provide you with design and pricing information on utilizing state of the art Ultra-Span Light Gauge Steel Trusses for the project


Why Use Ultra-Span Light Gauge Steel Trusses

Competitive Advantage

Elegant simple system, with all members straight and true for a level roof.

Span capability from small low-cost to large 40m clear span commercial structures.

Longevity of product due to galvanized coating plus inherent properties of non-combustibility, resistance to borer and fungus attack.

Lower Guage reduces transportation costs, improves handling and erection.

Ease of truss manufacture with screws and electric fixing tool directly on site or in factory conditions

Highly recyclable content assists in Green certification.

Ultra-Span LGS

100% non-combustible Prime Steel.

Grade Z200 galvanizing to prevent rusting in coastal areas.

Long durability and resilience.

Will not be affected by termites or humidity.

Full set of designs to international standards is provided.

Highly recyclable content assists in Green certification.

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